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Strip Club Types

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There are five basic types of strip clubs: bikini, modeling studio, nude, pasties, and topless. Each club type has a different level of nudity. In some cases lack there of. This is dictated by local zoning and liquor laws. The club types are described in more detail below. The club types could be found in any of the following business names: strip clubs, gentlemens clubs, titty bar, topless bars, nude clubs, strippers, lap dances, show girls, or a night club.

Topless Clubs
Complete frontal nudity! Topless clubs allow the strippers to go completely topless, but require some type of bottom. The type of bottom can range from a full bikini to a barely noticeable g-string. Most topless clubs will have a full bar.

Nude Clubs
Total nudity is what you will find here! Many totally nude clubs can not be approved for a liquor license. In many states you are premitted to B.Y.O.B. Most will charge a higher cover charge. Most only serve non-alcoholic beverages. Depending on local laws, some nude clubs allow you to bring in your own alcohol, but they do charge you for the drinks you bring in. They will then keep you drinks cold for you behind their bar, and a waitress will bring you a drink as needed. Since most Nude clubs do not own a liquor license, they can stay open later than all the other clubs. You will find as a result many nude clubs do not have a firm time they close the doors, the night will just end when the club starts to empty out.

Pasties Clubs
At a Pasties Club the strippers are required to wear pasties that cover their nipples. They are usually wearing g-strings. All other rules are about the same as topless clubs, except that they are technically not topless. Most pasties clubs, like topless clubs, will have a full bar.

Bikini Clubs
At Bikini Clubs, the strippers have to wear full tops and full bottoms. Have you been to the beach or pool and seen a hot women in something that barely counts as a bathing suit? You will find lots of them in a bikini bar!

Modeling Studio
Modeling studios are a way to have private dances from strippers. Sometimes this may be as limited as just watching a nude female model through a window. Modeling studios can very greatly from each location. Sometimes adult video stores have preview rooms and may have a live entertainers for you to watch as well.

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