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Strip Club Dictionary

Location: Strip Clubs » Strip Club Dictionary

Air Dance
Normally referred to as a 'Low Mileage' dance. No contact is involved.

Automatic Teller Machine - an electronic device from which to extract money. Be aware that in most clubs where an ATM is available the fees to use their machine can be very high, in some cases as high as 15 to 20 dollars.

B.Y.O.B. or BYOB
Bring Your Own Beer, Booze or Bottle. Most all nude clubs are unable to serve alcohol by law, but many do allow you B.Y.O.B. In some areas you are still not allowed to have any type of alcohol in all nude clubs., thus you will be stuck with $20.00 soda.

Cover Charge
This is what you will pay to get in the door of the club. The cover charge varies greatly from club to club, some offer free cover during the day and a small cover at night, while others will always have a cover charge that will range in price depending on the time of day and how busy they are. Some clubs charge up to $30.00 or more to get in, so be sure to know what you're going to be paying ahead of time.

Feature Dancer or Feature Entertainer
Features can be current or ex-porn actresses, magazine centerfolds or minor celebrities. Sometimes the feature will just sign autographs, sell items, and take pictures with customers. Most of the time a feature will perform private dances or perform some type of show on stage.

Floor Work
Floor Work Is a type of dance that is sometimes called a floor show. Floor work is performed on main stage. The stripper is mainly on her back or hands and knees. The performer acts out the fantasy of having sex. Because of it's highly erotic nature, not all clubs will allow their strippers to perform this type of dance. Good floor work is difficult to perfect and is very demanding on the performer.

House Dancer
A house dancer is a performer that is employed to work at the club. This is normally only used in clubs that have Feature Dancers. A house dancer will be there the next time you return to the club and a feature will be in the club, at most, a few days.

K-Mart Crowd
The cheap customers that do not tip, does not buy drinks, food or dances. The whole moral to this story, if you plan on not spending any money, you should rent a movie and stay home... you will see more this way.

Lap Dance
A semi-private performance by one of the strippers. This is different from a private dance in that it will take place in the common area of the club, at your table or chair.

Mileage is a measurement of how much you get for your money (in reference to any of the types of private dances). Low mileage is bad. The stripper does not put much effort into private dances. High mileage is good. The stripper goes out of her way to make sure you are truly entertained by her. Mileage is hard to define because you might not like what the next guy does. Mileage is most commonly referred to as 'accidental' contact. Get dances from girls that are doing what you like. Normal or average mileage is what you should expect from a stripper in the club you are visiting.

Pole Work
Most clubs have some sort of pole on at least one of the stages. Pole work describes the performers ability to interact with the pole. The spinning, sliding and twirling can be very erotic. Some pole work will be so stunning that you wonder why they are not in the Olympics. This type of dance is not easy to perfect and is physically demanding on the performer.

Private Dance
This is normally different than a lap or table dance. A private dance costs more and is performed in a VIP area or private dance area. This shields you from the other customers trying to gauge 'mileage'. Since you are in a more private area, you would hope that your mileage will increase.

A set refers to the amount of time a stripper will spend on main stage. Normally 2 or 3 songs. if there are 3 stages in a club, a stripper would have to perform 3 sets before she is able to perform private dances.

Shift Happens
Your favorite stripper normally works on Thursday night. You drive down to the club in hopes to spend time with her and she is not working that night. Shift Happens.

Shot Girls
A waitress that specializes in nothing but shots. Only these are not just shots, the waitress will put the shot between her breasts and you go get it. Usually in a plastic syringe or test tube type container.

Shower Dances
Have you ever wished you could see a beautiful women take a shower? A shower dance is just that. Normally this is a private dance and you sit outside the shower door and watch. Some clubs will have a shower show night. strippers will perform about every hour, or just a few shows per night, so everyone can see what they are missing. This is just about the only time that I can think of that dropping the soap is a good thing. WhooYaa!

Stage Fee
This is the amount a stripper pays the club she is working at in order to work a shift. At some places, the stage fee is a preset dollar amount (i.e. $20, $30, $50, etc), but at other places, the stage fee is a percentage of what the girls make throughout the night (i.e. 15%, 25%, etc). At certain clubs that count dances, the girls have to also pay a percentage or specific dollar amount for every dance they do to the management as well on top of their normal stage fee.

Stage Name
This is what a stripper calls herself while she is at the club in which she performs in. Stage Names are normally more sexy and provide a level of anonymity for the strippers. Some clubs require their strippers to use stage names for their safety.

Strip Club
A business or club where women (or men) remove part or all of their clothes. This is done to entertain paying customers.

Table Dance
Similar to a 'Chair Dance' or a 'Lap Dance'. This refers to a semi-private dance performed at your table by the stripper. In a few clubs, the stripper will actually dance on the table itself.

Tip Out
This term is used in the same way it is in most service industries. It is the amount an employee pays to the DJ, cooks, waitresses, bouncers, floor men, bar tenders etc.

It is not required that you tip waitresses, bartenders, valet attendants and strippers, but we highly suggest it. Those that tip will almost always get better service. If you frequent a club, tipping the bartenders and the wait staff will definitely pay off. You will be recognized and will receive superior service. Stage Tips. If you sit in the row of seats around the stage there is an unwritten rule that you tip at least one dollar per song. If you like a particular girl give her a little more, especially if you would like her to come find you later. You do not have to use your life saving to have a good time, just be polite and show a little gratitude for their hard work.

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