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Christie's Cabaret Reviews

Location: Strip Clubs » Ohio Strip Clubs » Cleveland Strip Clubs » Christie's Cabaret
 The Review
  Posted By: priapism69 Posted On: 3/7/2005
  Dancer Looks:  A Few Hot, A Few Not
Dancer Ratio:  The club was full of dancers
  Atmosphere:  This club is above average
Drink Service:  The service was above average
Overall Rating:  (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Christies is remodeling right now. I almost tripped over the carpet at one end and the ceilings were ripped apart in certain areas with wiring hanging out. I don't know if thay really thought about safty issues with customers. Main stage was pretty good but lots of areas I felt needed to have a few more lite. But we will see after the are finished with the remodel. They said there were sixty girls that night and at first I wasn't too impressed. The first 6 that came on stage were nothing to look at. I arrived at 11Pm on a friday night on March 4th I was greeted at the door which was very nice. I was hookuped to areas which had seating that they showed us instead of stumbling around trying to find a place. Drinks arrived in a timely matter. My wife and my 2 friends sat around for an hour which were were not impressed for the first hour with the few we seen but after that more came out of the wood work. they must of been upstairs in the private areas which I can imagine why. They were gorgeous. out of the 60 I seen I give it a 2 out of every 10 girls I seen there that were hot. Some had boob implants that didnt look right. Another dancer had gorgeous breast but looked like over 40 years old which is like having your mother give you a lap dance. some exotic girl with tatooes and piercings on her nipples and face. A naughty nurse. I had a 1 lap dance which was offered by some really cute lady and oh my god could she dance. She was doing the ole' pickle tickle technique with her knee. and once she knew I was hard she sat on it and grinded my johnson. She absolutely new what she was doing. Overall this clubs atmoshpere was great the girls need a little work in there or work out and quite a few of them don't really look like they know how to dance. But then again 80 percent of Cleveland is fat. hot girls are hard to come by around here unless their young and between the ages of 19 to 24.

 About This Club
  Christie's Cabaret
1180 Main Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 574-6222
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