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A Woman's Perspective on Strip Clubs

Location: Strip Clubs » A Woman's Perspective

The night started off by entering the strip club with my significant other. I typically do not frequent this type of club however I was intrigued by the very curiosity that led me to go.

We sat right next to the stage where lights were flashing and the only thing I dared to look up and see where black high heels which trailed up the ankle of this topless woman. As time passed and I became more comfortable, noticing other women like me in the strip club, I watched this dancer move her body erotically as the music flowed from the loud speakers. She then closed her eyes and laid down on the stage while men excitedly tried for her attention. The Dancer then moved toward the side of stage where her bikini string thong would accept folded dollar bills. She proceeded to smoothly walk in the opposite direction toward the brass pole in which she embraced with her body, swaying to the music. When the music ended she exited and another topless dancer got up and the excitement began again.

Other dancers walked around the bar waiting for their turn on stage to also put on some entertainment. Some of the dancers were chatting with men giving lap dances and to my surprise; a couple was receiving a lap dance together at the table next to ours. As the night went on there were many fully clothed women walking through the door with men. These couples walked, hand in hand, or arms around each other, laughing, talking and kissing. My man put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek to ensure me that I am just as sexy as the women on stage. I did not feel territorial or exploited when one of the dancers came to our table to ask us if we wanted a dance. While we were there, my boyfriend expressed his awkwardness being there with me but told me that he felt more comfortable when I told him that it was okay to look up at the stage and observe the topless women. We talked and laughed and it was just like going to a restaurant with live entertainment. That night I got to experience the enjoyment of being a woman in a typical male environment.

I have been to many bars but this one was just different due to the fact that some women were half nude. In the past I had thought that this would be extremely uncomfortable for myself and for my significant other. I think that I was just making a big deal out of something I didn't know very much about. So often, gentlemen’s clubs are viewed as sleazy, dirty, and a place that has an absence of women clientele. In the past women were not seen in strip clubs but due to the ever changing times it is becoming more normal for women to join in on the fun. From my experience and in my presence, many couples thoroughly enjoyed themselves on this evening.

The very point that I am trying to make is -- try it. The open mindedness that you may have may lead to better communication between you and your boyfriend/husband in and out of the bedroom. It may also quench the very thirst of your curiosity. And ladies, it can be the explanation to your man as to why you went out and bought a new outfit. It can be a little intimidating in the beginning but hang in there because you and your man will come out going home with EACH other.

Men, ask your woman to go with you and women, ask to go to the strip club with your man. More times then not, couples like to experience these things together, and then neither one of you needs to be left out.

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