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A Few Words on Strip Clubs

Location: Strip Clubs » A Few Words On Strip Clubs

Dress Codes
Although there are exceptions, more upscale gentlemen's clubs require a collared shirt with slacks for it's guests. However, during the day you may feel out of place among the jacketed businessmen at the high-end establishment. In the evening most people dress more casually and khakis and a polo shirt will make you feel right at home at any club. Even if your local club doesn't have a dress code, dressing like you were going out on the date will impress the dancers and give you a better chance of spending quality time with the dancer of your choice.

Visiting Clubs Alone
Never worry about visiting a club by yourself. In fact, fifty to sixty percent of the men that visit strip clubs are traveling businessmen who go alone. The goal of the finest gentleman's clubs is to make all visitors feel comfortable and welcome. They understand that every person walking through their door is vital to their business.

Don't let Floor-Men force you to sit somewhere you don't want to sit, be it stage side or in the back of the room. If they try to direct you someplace other than where you want to be, politely tell them where you want to sit. If they don't do what they can to make you happy then take your money elsewhere. There are certain areas in some clubs that are considered VIP areas and require a members card or an additional fee. Be prepared to either pay up or not sit in these areas.

Tipping The Staff
Many upscale clubs don't put out tip bowls because it's considered tacky. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't tip the coat check or wait staff. Be generous, they depend on your tips to make a living. Remember taking care of those that take care of you will make your stay much more enjoyable.

Club Dollars
Club dollars are a convenient way for customers to turn credit cards into extra lap dances. However, clubs normally charge a hefty premium for this service. It is always smarter to come with plenty of cash but if you are going to purchase club dollars be sure to find out if there is a service charge prior to making the purchase.

Not At The Moment
Gentleman's clubs want you to have a good time so that you'll visit them again and often. It is in their best interest to make you feel comfortable and under no pressure to buy lap dance after lap dance. So don't feel put out if you're not in the mood for a dance. Just politely tell those who approach, "No thank you." If the club or the dancer treats you poorly because you pass on the dance go elsewhere. There are always other clubs waiting for an opportunity to treat you like a king.

Night and Day Shifts
If you are the type who likes a constant parade of new dancers, plan your strip club visit to straddle the dancers' shift change. At most clubs, the day girls leave between 6pm and 8pm, with the new girls coming on board to take their place. It is always best to call the club you are planning on visiting to verify when their shift change takes place. Show up an hour or two before the shift change and you can see twice as many girls in one visit.

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