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April Rain's hookup Reviews

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 The Review  
  Posted By: Terry Hensley Posted On: 2/15/2016
  Appearance:  She looked better than her picture, a nice surprise!
  Experience:  I was more important than time and she stayed late
Recommend:  I would call her again; we had a good time together
Rating:  (4.0 out of 5 stars)

Scheduled with Karen by text message and she sent me her website link so I would be more familiar with her services. Upon reading her website I came to the conclusion Karen was the best lady for me. We agreed on a time and date the same day and prior to our scheduled appointment time Karen sent me the address to the hotel so I could type it in my GPS so I wouldnt get lost. Standard 2 call system and when I arrived I called her again to get the room number.

She opened the door wearing a smile from ear to ear, 4 '' heels, a bustier, and a G-String. She looked hot as hell, her legs were tanned and toned I was very impressed. She bent over to do something and I got a full view of her ass and I said I gotta have it quick. I immediately took care of the donation and got comfortable. Karen followed my direction and before you know it we were nekkid in her extended stay room. I asked Karen if she would lick and worship my balls and I would do the same in return to her pussy. She was all over it and I was all over her pussy. We both enjoyed ourselves but I wanted inside of her as I was turned on when I laid eyes on her. She has just the right amount of trashy and slutty attitude combined with street smarts, wit and intelligence, and a keen sense of humor. She's not built like a brick shit house, more petite than most but let me tell ya', her hot pussy is the bomb digity ! I eased Lil' Jimmy in her K9 and slowly started deep stroking her then I picked up the rythm and that's when Karen started getting vocal. I loved it when she started talking dirty to me. I started slapping her ass and gently pulling her hair. She was really getting into the hot sweaty animal sex when she grabbed the baby oil and squirted it all over her ass and back and told me to rub it in. I rubbed it all over her then rolled her over and began rubbing it into her chest and cleavage. I'm telling you she was into pleasing me as much as I was into pleasing her. I started feeling a tingling sensation on the end of my cock and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and told her so. She said to cum all over her boobs and let her taste it. I pulled off the condom and sprayed my man batter all over her tits and she got a taste of it when she finished me off bbbj style. There wasn't much clean up and we agreed to rest and have an adult beverage and get back after it when we were done.

Round two was relatively the same activities, we prolly changed it up as we were two wild freaky animals having wild freaky animal sex. If there had been a ceiling fan or a chandelier in the room she would have been spinning from it as I was drilling her from the backside and
listening to her scream harder baby harder!!!

My evening with Karen was a totally uninhibited, unlimited, wild freaky sexy time. It was definitely well worth the price of admission and I would do it again in a heart beat as ladies like Karen who do the freak like she does are very few and far in between. I highly recommend visiting Karen if she will see you. I have P 411 references with 17 ok's and she felt comfortable seeing me on such short notice with P 411 references. Normally I post pictures of all of the ladies I visit in my reviews and I would have posted photos of Kayla



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