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Anal intercourse, often referred to as Greek.

Oral sex on the anus.

Big Beautiful Woman. A term often used to describe a woman of substance, large and shapely.

A person who enjoys sexual activity with partners of the same sex and
partners of the opposite sex. Often referred to as "bi".

Free of sexually transmitted diseases.

Stimulation of the vagina and clitoris by the mouth especially the tongue and lips. Commonly referred to as oral sex.

D&D Free
Free of sexually transmitted diseases and does not do drugs.

Sexual stimulation from spanking or caning.

Sexual stimulation of the penis by the mouth, especially by the tongue and lips and sometimes teeth. Commonly referred to as oral sex.

Oral sex.

French Kissing
Kissing on mouth with tongue contact

Full Service
Is a typical way an hookup will define she may be willing to have sexual intercourse.

GFE or Girlfriend Experience
Girl Friend Experience. This definition varies by provider. Some hookups refer to GFE as meaning that she will have sex with you like a girlfriend would. Others refer to it as a type of session providing aspects of social and physical interaction beyond the act itself, such as going out on a date, movie, dinner, etc.

Anal intercourse.

Half & Half
Includes a combination of oral sex and intercourse.

Hand Job
Manual stimulation of your penis using her hands.

The hookup provides the services at her location, which is typically her home or a hotel room she chooses.

Often used to define how far your dollar will go with a provider. This term is typically seen on message boards, high mileage meaning you will get a lot, low mileage, very little, and mileage varies means it can go either way.

Your hookup will meet you at a place you choose such as your home or hotel room.

PSE or Porn Star Experience
An hookups that will provide a session that gives your the feeling of being in a porn movie. Also used to define a date with an actual porn star.

Placing your penis between girl's breasts, often referred to as tit fucking.

Use of the hands especially in massage to sexually stimulate.

Sexually transmitted disease. Something you want to avoid at all costs!

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