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Adult Nightclubs Guide

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The VIP Club Card

Order your Adult Nightclubs Guide and Free VIP Card Today!

The Exotic Dancer VIP Club Card is good for free admission, half-price admission, a free drink and/or other discounts at more than 750 topless and nude gentlemen’s clubs in the United States, Canada and overseas.

CHECK BACK OFTEN: While the copy of EXOTIC DANCER’s 2006/2007 Adult Nightclubs Guide which has your VIP Club Card inside lists those clubs that participate in ED’s Vip Club Card Program and tells what each club offers to card-holders, we encourage you to periodically check the links below about participating clubs and their offers. The links below will have the most up to date details on participating clubs throughout the course of the year as new clubs are added to the program.

HOW LONG? Your VIP Club Card is good through June 2007 so depending on when you bought the Adult Nightclubs Guide which will give you anywhere from a year to 18 months of card use.

CARD NOT HONORED? Okay, guys and gals, we’re talking about the hectic, fast-paced, rather high turn-over nightclub industry here. Which means that, Yes, you are going to run into a doorman or a front door cashier who is not familiar with the card program even though we send every participating club a “Member of Exotic Dancer VIP Card Program” decal and request that they place the decal near the front register. If your VIP Club Card is declined, then in a very polite and friendly manner ask for the manager or owner who are likely to be more familiar with EXOTIC DANCER Magazine and our card program. If the card is still declined, then it’s possible that the club has new owners. Feel free to email us at and we will delete the club from the list of participating clubs.

Remember, though, that 1) the Card is free, 2) there are over 750 other clubs that honor the Card, and 3) if you use the Card just five times to skip a $5 cover charge you have already covered the cost of buying the Guide.

TRY EVERY CLUB! Past card-holders have told us that they’ve received free admission or other discounts by showing the card at some clubs that are not listed as part of the program, so it doesn’t hurt to ask at each club you go to if they honor the Exotic Dancer VIP Club Card program. Smart club operators are happy to waive a cover charge to get your business.