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Adult Nightclubs Guide

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The 2006 Exotic Dancer Nightclubs Guide
A 184-page, full-color, perfect-bound Guide.
Includes a free VIP Card (an $89 value) good for free admission, half-price admission and/or a free drink at more than 750 adult nightclubs across the country.
Details on more than 2,300 topless and nude clubs.
Listings on clubs in the U.S., Canada and International.
In-depth market reports on key cities with adult clubs.
Details on clubs that are part of ED’s VIP Club Card Program.
Hundreds of dancer photos.
  Addtional Information
Order your Adult Nightclubs Guide and Free VIP Card Today!
The most valuable and user-friendly Adult Nightclubs Guide ever!

Exotic Dancer's Adult Nightclubs GuideExotic Dancer’s 2006/2007 Adult Nightclubs Guide is the most valuable and user-friendly Adult Nightclubs Guide ever! For the first time ever, it contains a free VIP Club Card, a card which offers discounts at over 700 adult nightclubs worldwide. It is also easier to carry at 184 pages, and features Penthouse Pet 2006 Jamie Lynn on the cover. Without question, the Annual Adult Nightclubs Guide (which has been published for 16 straight years; formerly known as the Exotic Dancer's Directory) is the most comprehensive listing of adult nightclubs worldwide ever published.

You don’t even have to look inside the 2006/2007 Adult Nightclubs Guide to realize that it is quite different from any Clubs Guide you may have seen in its 16-year history (the Guide was called the EXOTIC DANCER Directory until 2003).

Immediately, you’ll notice that it’s lighter and more portable. At one point, this Guide capped out at a whopping 300 pages. While that Guide was packed with information, it simply wasn’t practical to carry around. This year’s Guide is a lean, mean 184 pages, yet it’s still chock full of all the important club information you’ve come to expect from the Annual Adult Nightclubs Guide. The club listings still include: dancers (nude, topless, etc.), type of dancing (table, lap, couch, etc.), dancers per shift, hours of operation, food service, drink specials and more. It is still the most complete listing of adult nightclubs available in print form.

You will also surely notice something on the cover—well, besides cover girl Jamie Lynn, Penthouse’s Pet of the Year 2006—that makes this the most valuable Clubs Guide ever. Yes, you read it correctly—we are giving away the EXOTIC DANCER VIP Club Card for free in every issue of the 2006/2007 Adult Nightclubs Guide! The VIP Club Card is good for free admission, half-price admission, a free drink and/or other special discounts at more than 750 topless and nude gentlemen’s clubs in the United States, Canada and even overseas—and it’s an $89 value!

In other words, you are now holding the most valuable and user-friendly Adult Nightclubs Guide ever.

Addition by subtraction

We employed a few discreet tactics to make this Clubs Guide more compact and portable. First, while the Guide still contains hundreds of hot dancer photos, you’ll see that we’ve been able to increase the size of the photos while having them take up less room on each page. We’ve also tightened up the listings with a slightly smaller text size. And as you’ll notice, a selection of adult nightclubs were removed from each state’s section and moved to the end of the club listings.

Why do these clubs appear here? Good question. In tightening up the Guide, we moved listings of those clubs that have not updated their information in the past four years—every year we mail each club a copy of their previous year’s listing and ask them to update the information—to this abbreviated listings section. The clubs listed here have not updated their listings with us since 2002; so rather than continue to run their information from four years ago and risk giving our readers erroneous details, we are instead just listing their club name, city, state and phone number. We suggest that when you are in these cities that you call these clubs direct and ask what the most current details are on the hours they are open, cover charges, etc.

Still, despite the fact that we have tightened up our club listings, you can be sure that we have done everything possible to make these listings the most complete and up-to-date adult nightclub listings available anywhere. Of course, if you peruse the Internet you’ll see any number of websites offering listings and information on adult clubs across the U.S. But we still stand by the information in our listings. Don’t forget: We mail our bimonthly Club Bulletin magazine to every adult nightclub in the country that we have been able to locate in our company’s 16-year history, we send club listing update forms to each of these clubs regularly and we see many of these club owners at our Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo. In other words, there is no other magazine or website that has such frequent and direct contact with the nation’s owners and operators of adult nightclubs.

And addition by…addition

It may be small, but that little EXOTIC DANCER VIP Club Card has helped make this the most valuable Adult Nightclubs Guide ever. Now, everyone who purchases the Clubs Guide has access to over 750 adult nightclubs nationwide—for free!

What does “access” mean? The VIP Club Card is good for free admission, half-price admission, a free drink and/or other special discounts at more than 750 topless and nude gentlemen’s clubs in the United States, Canada and even overseas. Just punch out (or cut out with scissors) the card (which is located in the middle of this Guide) and keep it with you when you are out and about.

Who honors the card? You can simply refer to this Guide to see which clubs honor the VIP Club Card and also what special they offer to cardholders. Clubs that are part of the program will have a blue tag line at the bottom of their listing—“Member of Exotic Dancer VIP Card Program”—and a text line indicating the special they offer. You can also log on to the VIP Club Card section of our website at for the latest updates on which clubs are part of the program. It’s important to check the website periodically to find out which clubs might have changed owners and dropped out of the card program, as well as what new clubs have recently joined the program.

If you’re a club owner or operator and your club is currently not listed as a participant in the VIP Club Card program, please call ED Publications today at (727) 726-3592 and get listed on our website immediately.

What should you do if, for some reason, the card is not honored? Let’s think about this for a second: We’re talking about the hectic, fast-paced, rather high turnover nightclub industry here. Which means that, unfortunately, a cardholder may occasionally run into a doorman or a front door cashier who is not familiar with the card program even though we’ve sent every participating club a “Member of Exotic Dancer VIP Card Program” decal and requested that they place the decal near the front register.

If your VIP Club Card is declined, then politely ask for the manager or owner who is likely to be more familiar with EXOTIC DANCER Magazine and our card program. If the card is still declined, then it’s possible that the club has new owners. Remember, though, that 1) the VIP Club Card is free, 2) there are over 750 other clubs that honor the Card, and 3) if you use the Card just five times to skip a $5 cover charge you have already covered the cost of buying the Guide.

Also, the VIP Club Card is good through June 2007 so depending on when you bought this Guide you will have anywhere from a year to 18 months of card use. Happy club hopping!

In this Guide:

Continuing in our proud tradition, the cover of this 2006/2007 Adult Nightclubs Guide boasts a gorgeous cover girl: This time, it’s 2006 Penthouse Pet of the Year Jamie Lynn. The five-page cover story highlights the Penthouse Club chain, possibly the fastest-growing chain of adult nightclubs in the U.S. As you’ll read, “Where the magazine comes to life” isn’t just a motto, it’s the goal of everyone involved at each of these locations.

There are also three four-page spotlights throughout this Clubs Guide. One highlights the growing presence of the Deja Vu/Larry Flynt Hustler Club chain in New Orleans (p. 83-86). Despite the severe damage that Hurricane Katrina brought to the Southeast and to the city of New Orleans especially, Deja Vu’s President Jason Mohney says that the Big Easy is finally getting back on it’s feet. And thanks in part to the grand opening of their new Hustler’s Barely Legal club, their new Deja Vu Showgirls club and Little Darlings club, Bourbon Street is hopping once again.

Two other spotlights deal with the growing trend of branding and licensing in the adult nightclub industry. The first of these discusses the club licensing opportunities available with Mike Rose’s Gold Club brand name (p. 135-138). Rose, as you’ll read, not only licenses the Gold Club name, but he is also involved as an owner and operator with three Penthouse Clubs including locations in Myrtle Beach, Dallas and Wellford, SC.

The second of these spotlights details Eric Langan’s quest to make Rick’s Cabaret one of the most well known adult nightclub brands in the country (p. 155-158). Langan, Rick’s President & CEO, recently introduced the new Rick’s Cabaret in Manhattan and owns several other adult nightclubs across the country.

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