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Bachelor Party Pranks

A time honored tradition of bachelor parties is to have a little extra fun with the bachelor. Now with our list of classic bachelor party pranks you can make the evening more exciting and memorable. Taking pictures while pulling off these pranks is encouraged. Got your own? Let us know and we'll post them.

 Bachelor Party Prank Ideas
The Old Ball and Chain
This has to be one of the oldest most practiced bachelor party pranks. For optimum results, find an 8 pound bowling ball. Drill the ball and attach a chain to it with handcuffs attached to the last link. When the bachelor is distracted handcuff the ball to his leg. If you really want to have fun with him, paint the ball pink! Offer to give him the key after his 10th shot or when he can talk a woman out of her bra.
Chained To A Woman

Time for the handcuffs to make their appearance at the bachelor party again. Distract the bachelor with a flaming shot or naked pictures of his soon to be wife. While distracted handcuff a naked female blow up doll to his wrist. Now in this prank, the only way for him to get the key is to completely dress the doll with clothing he gets from women he comes across during your night out.  This includes panties and bra! This prank is a blast, and the drunker everyone is the better!

Short Sheet The Bed

Here is a classic prank that never seems to get old. Before heading out for the bachelor party remake the bachelors bed with the sheets coming up only about 1/3 of the way and make sure they're tucked in nice and tight. When the bachelor gets home and is ready to pass out he'll discover your surprise.  The only question now is will you find him on the floor in the morning?

Saran Wrap The Toilet Seat
Another bachelor party prank favorite is to Saran Wrap the toilet seat. Simply lift the seat and place the plastic around the bowl. Make sure it is nice and tight so you can't see any wrinkles in the Saran Wrap. Now put the seat down and turn off the lights. When the bachelor comes stumbling in after a night of partying he will have quite the surprise waiting for him!
The Tattoo
Here is a good prank to pull when you want to keep the bachelor party going even after it has ended.  After the bachelor has passed out place a high quality temporary tattoo in a strategically placed area. The next morning he will spend hours trying to remember exactly what he really did the night before.
Bachelor Makeover

This next bachelor party prank will definitely take one very drunk bachelor, so you must prepare him with several shots beyond his limit.  When the bachelor passes out, give him a makeover with makeup and nail polish.  Go wild, paint each toe and fingernail a different color and give him a new wild look. Think scary clown or cheap street prostitute. Make sure you take plenty of pictures so the bachelor can share all the fun you had!

Water Shots

Although we fully support getting the bachelor as drunk as possible, it's always fun to try the water shot bachelor party prank for a short period of time. When the bachelor has a nice buzz going tell him you have just ordered him the strongest shot in the bar. What you're really going to have him do is do shots of ordinary water. In an attempt to disguise your prank tell him the shot has a hard bite and that he should chase the shot with something like a coke or a lemon slice. Now the trick is to see if he starts acting more drunk after shooting a few back to back.  Now get back to drinking already, it's a bachelor party after all.

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