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Bachelor Party Oath

Whenever you are going to be in charge of throwing a good bachelor party, it is always a good idea to have all the participants pledge the Bachelor Party Oath before the party begins. Presenting the oath with a beer is always a good bet, make it fun yet binding! Below is our standard oath.

 The Oath
I,                            , do solemnly swear upon my life, that on this day of               , to ad hear to all the bachelor party rules and regulations as defined in this oath.
I agree that what happens during the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. If questioned after the party I will tell a huge lie to cover for any and all activities that took place even if this could result in huge consequences for me.
I agree that I will be the quintessential wing-man to the groom, even if this entails having to sleep with the ugliest girl in the bar.  In other words I've got your back bro!
I agree that I will consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol, and that I will promote all others in attendance to consume just as much.
I agree that I will do everything I can to ensure the groom to be has the best bachelor party possible. This includes but is not limited to buying drinks, stepping in when the groom is about to cross the line of no return, or embarrassing the groom to the best of my abilities.
I agree that I will not take any incriminating pictures of the groom to be or any other individuals in attendance at the bachelor party. If I am caught with a camera at an inappropriate time I will be stripped naked and forced to pose with the local sheep herd. Photos will be distributed.
I understand that any breach of this contract will result in severe torture by all that attend the bachelor party or death, whichever seems more severe at the time.
Signatures (preferrably in blood):
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