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The Bachelor's Last Night

The bachelor party is planned, the guests have arrived and now it's time for the party. Here are some last minute bachelor party ideas of things that you should have the bachelor do on his last night of freedom.

 Things The Bachelor Should Do On His Last Night
1.  Write the name of your future wife on your hand (This is so you'll remember in the morning)

Get drunk (This is a must)

3.  Play a hand of poker
4.  Smoke a Cigar

Watch a porn movie

6.  Go bar hopping
7.  Get a stranger to buy you a shot
8.  Hit on the hottest girl in the bar

Convince a woman at the bar to give you her bra

10.  Dance with two girls at once, and yes, you're the salami.
11.  Kiss a woman you just met (Face it, this is your last chance)
12.  Convince a woman to kiss the best man to thank him for throwing you such a great bachelor party
11.  Get two girls to spank you
13.  Ask at least 3 women if you have slept with them before
14.  Go to a strip club
15.  Get a lap dance
16.  Do a body shot with a stripper
17.  Ass Up! Everyone in the car must moon someone on the highway.
18.  Whatever you do have fun and go balls to the wall.  This is your bachelor party, your last night of freedom, go all out!
  Bachelor Party Ideas
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