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Planning a Bachelor Party

The infamous bachelor party, it's the right of passage into the world of marriage.  So now that your buddy has decided to take the plunge, it's your job as the best man to send him off in style! Planning the bachelor party is probably the most important job you will have, and we are going to do our best to help you throw the best bachelor party ever.

The first step is to set the date of the big event.  It's best to try not to schedule the party the night before the wedding as any proper bachelor party is going to last until the sun comes up the next day, not to mention if your buddy doesn't show for the wedding because he's passed out in shower his future wife will never let him see you again!  Friday and Saturday nights are always best, so the weekend before the wedding is always a good bet.
Now that you have the date set it's time to finalize the guest list, set a general budget, figure out where you're going, how you're going to get there, and what kind of entertainment you will enjoy throughout the evening.  Most importantly don't forget to plan the pranks you're going to pull on the unsuspecting bachelor!
 The Guest List
Now it's time to prepare the guest list for your buddy's bachelor party.  It's best to plan this with the bachelor as there are sure to be important people that will be left out if you don't.  Make sure you invite the groom's best friends, family, and others that have to be invited to keep the groom from getting in trouble.  Now you may be thinking invite anyone and everyone you can to make this the biggest party ever, but this can in fact make the evening go sour.  Too many people can lead to arguments over where to go or what to do, and don't invite your friends that don't know the groom just because you're planning the party.
An essential part of the guest list preparation is to remember that women are not allowed, well unless they are the entertainment of course. This means that you don't invite the bride to be, any of her friends, or any women in general that revolve in the bachelor's circle. Now the party girls that you met at the bar last weekend could be a good bet if they're up for helping you make it a night he will never forget.
The date is set, the crew is invited, and now it's time for the financial discussion. Many bachelor parties fail because the best man think it's his job to pay for everything, or he is not comfortable asking the party goers to help out with the bill.  Unless you recently won the Power Lottery you're going to want to ask everyone attending to pitch in a few bucks.  Although you don't necessarily need Fort Knox to throw a good party, you do need to consider expenses such as food, transportation, alcohol, and most importantly the entertainment. It is always a good idea to have a little slush fund on the side for unexpected expenses as well, such things could be tipping the driver, slipping the bouncer at the strip club a little extra, and replacing all the items in the hotel room when the bachelor's uncle shows you his flying suplex move on the coffee table.
Although I have yet to meet a guy that is unwilling to pitch in a few bucks to send his friend off in style, here is a sure fire way to get the boys to pony up.  Tell the guys to throw in $50 and can of whipped cream for the strippers. Get them focused on the naughty events, not the money. A bottle of baby oil goes a long way too, or have them bring something you will use to pull a prank on the bachelor. Any money left over from the pot can be given to the bachelor as a gift or to help bail him out of jail at the end of the night.
One thing I cannot stress enough is to have good tip money.  Regardless of where you go, being able slip a few bucks to the driver, the maitre d', the club bouncer, or whoever, it will go a long way in end.  Not only are you likely to get preferential treatment, but you're also more likely to not get thrown out when you get too rowdy.
 Where You Are Going
Now it's time to decide what you are going to do during the bachelor party.  Is this going to be an evening event or an all day event.  If you want to go all out you can choose a daytime even such as golf or paintball, followed by dinner and drinking, and ending with clubbing and strippers.  I always recommend that you have at least a two stage bachelor party.  There is always going to be the conservative father-in-law or religious uncle who is going to want to participate in the tantalizing events of the evening.  Start with dinner and maybe a sports bar that is close by afterwards. This way everyone can participate in the fun. Once they've said their goodbyes, you can continue with the rest of your night.
The evening is now upon you, and it's time for the real entertainment.  You will need to decide whether you're going to go out to a strip club or hire some private strippers to join you at the location of your choice. Going to a strip club is always a safe option, but your mileage is going to be limited by the local laws. If you're really looking to put the bachelor party over the edge find someone that is brave enough to offer their place, or you can rent a large hotel suite and bring the girls to you. If you do plan to hold the party in someone's home, make sure you have enough chairs, rent some if needed.
It's always best to keep the itinerary as secret as possible.  By telling too many people all the details you are almost guaranteeing the bride to be will find out, trust us, she always does. Keeping the bachelor in suspense will just make the evening that much better too!
It is important that you know ahead of time where the party is going to be headed. If you're going out for a night on the town, it might be best to rent a limo or party bus.  This way there is no concern on how much everyone drinks. Unless you all plan to all crash in one place, make sure that the driver is willing to drop everyone off at their homes at the end of the night.
Another option if you have a sober guy in the group is to rent a large van. You will want to make sure your driver is able to stay out until everyone is home safe too.  If you are going to go this route, make sure that everyone pitches in a few bucks to buy the designated driver's dinner and cokes, after all you don't want to wind up at the wrong house at the end of the night.
If you are going to host the bachelor party at someone's house, make sure that you have the numbers to a few cab companies handy.  Remember, party hard, but get home safe!
 Have Fun
Now that you have everything planned out, remember to make your friends bachelor party a night that he will always remember. Let everyone pay homage to the bachelor, whether you prepare a short video for him to keep before hand, or have everyone share their favorite moment over dinner. Whoever can get the bachelor to turn the reddest wins! Take some pictures during the tame part of the evening so he has evidence of a normal evening, but also so that he can remember everything else that happened that night.
Now of course no bachelor party is complete without a few pranks or a game or two designed to help the bachelor let it all out in his last night of freedom. Make it fun, but remember let's try to get him home with all his clothes and body parts.
All that's left now is to have fun, enjoy the ride and give our best to the groom.  Don't forget to come back and tell us all about the night you sent your friend off in style!
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