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Hiring Strippers For The Bachelor Party

When the time comes for us to plan a bachelor party for our friend of course the first thing we all think of is strippers! If you try to arrange for strippers to come out for your bachelor party at the last minute you are going to be sorely disappointed. Our guide on how to hire private strippers for the bachelor party, will help you avoid the pitfalls that so many fall victim to.

 How To Hire Private Strippers
Plan Ahead

As with all of your other duties as the best man, you need to plan ahead when it comes to hiring strippers for the bachelor party. If you wait until the last minute to schedule the girls for the night, you are bound to wind up with a couple gorillas or no one at all. Trust me, I've seen this way too often to know this is the most common failure of a bachelor party. You should book the strippers as soon as you know the date of the party, this way you will wind up with the hottest strippers and you will be seen as the king for years to come.

Ask Around

When you are going to start the process of finding a couple of strippers for your bachelor party the best thing to do is to ask around. There is always someone who knows way more than he should about the local strippers.

If you should come up short asking your friends for advice on who to contact for the strippers (you should be looking for new friends now), then I would recommend calling several different services and asking a lot of questions. The service that can answer your questions in a professional manner is most likely going to be your best bet. The questionable operations  will not be prepared or will try to dodge the answers.
Another method of finding strippers to come to your bachelor party is to go talk to a few at your favorite strip club. A high percentage of the girls working at the local strip club also work on the side doing private parties. This can be a good method of choosing your girls and you can get a "sample" before hand.
Tell Them What You Want

Now that you have chosen the service or independent girls you want to work with it's time to talk about what you expect. Waiting until the strippers arrive to discuss what you want to see in the show leaves you with very little to negotiate with. Not to mention should you not be able to come to an agreement, setting expectations early gives you the opportunity to find someone else. If you expect to see a Lesbian Show, let them know. It is also important to discuss what is included in the fee you discuss. In most cases the fee you pay includes the agency fee and a show lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Once the show ends the strippers will want tips and to do lap dances for additional money.

Pictures of the Strippers

It's always a good idea to see what you are getting ahead of time. People who are trying to sell you a service may tend to boast a little more than they should about their strippers. Some agencies will have a website where you can see the girls you have to choose from, others you may have to make a visit to their office, but the trip is well worth it.  This way you are not surprised when the girls show up at the bachelor party.

Get It In Writing

Make sure to get everything in writing. What happens if the strippers are late or don't show at all. What happens if they decide to leave earlier than promised or are unwilling to live up to the promises the service made. If you have your agreement in writing you are more likely to get a good show. Worst case scenario is they may wind up sending over more girls to make sure they live up to their end of the agreement.  Anyone unwilling to put your agreement in writing is most likely unwilling to live up to the promises they have made you and a sign to go looking elsewhere.

Don't Pay In Advance

Some of the more questionable services will request you pay the entire fee up front. This is a sure sign of someone just trying to rip you off. If you pay up front the strippers may show up, but you are likely to not get what you paid for. Many services will require a deposit, I like to do this on a credit card if possible, this way it is much easier to recoup your loses by calling the credit card company and having the charges removed if something goes wrong.

When The Strippers Arrives
When the strippers arrive at your bachelor party you should take care of a little business before getting down to pleasure. Review what has been agreed to and for how much. In most cases the girls will ask for the remaining balance when they arrive. Give them nothing more than the agreed to price. I have seen several guys give tips before the show gets started in hopes of getting a better show, and it never works. Save the tips for after the show to keep the party going. Remember, if they already have all your money, what's the incentive for them to stick around?
Another recommendation I always give is to make sure the strippers feel like they are guests at your bachelor party and not just hired entertainment. Offer them a few drinks or get them to join in a drinking game before they get the show started. The more fun the girls are having, the more likely they are to make sure all of you have a great time at the bachelor party.
Collect Some Tips

The most common failure of hiring strippers for a bachelor party is what happens when the initial show ends. Even though most guys will have a wad of cash in their pocket, no one ever seems to want to be the first to start tipping. If the tipping doesn't start near the end of the show or shortly thereafter the girls are going to be gone quickly. I like to suggest whoever is handling the business of paying the strippers collect a few bucks from each guest. As the show is coming to an end you can use this money to get the tipping started and keep the bachelor entertained a little longer. As others see you tipping they will soon join in to get a piece of the action and the party will keep going.

Backup Plan

When hiring strippers to come to your location it is always good to have a backup plan. Although in most cases they do show up, you don't want your bachelor party to fizzle if they don't. It is common for strippers to be late, as much as up to an hour. Waiting much more than that is just a buzz killer for your guests.

The first backup plan you can use is to have a few numbers handy of other services you can call should the first stripper service not deliver in a timely fashion. Make sure you have had phone conversations with each prior to the event so that you are somewhat comfortable with calling them. Remember in this scenario you are likely to wind up with girls less than you were hoping for.
A second backup plan you can put in place is to call ahead to a strip club and let them know you're coming. By doing this you can often get free admission and saved seating. Often clubs will also do something special for the groom, get him up on stage with a few of the dancers, or maybe a free private dance.
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