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The Best Man's Checklist

Being the Best Man in your friends wedding is honored experience. Along with that honor comes a lot of responsibility and we are here to help. Below is the bachelor party check list for you the best man.

 Things to Remember
4 to 6 Weeks Prior To the Bachelor Party
1.  Put together the bachelor party plan. What are you going to do, how are you going to get there, are you going to hire strippers, go to a strip club, etc.
2.  Create the guest list. Make sure you run the final list by the bachelor.
2.  Contact all the guests on the list via phone. Put together a general count of who will be attending.
3.  Make initial reservations for the events of the bachelor party. This would include such things as dinner reservations, transportation, strippers, etc.
1 Week Prior To the Bachelor Party
1.  Call everyone on the guest list who are attending to reconfirm their participation.
2.  Confirm all reservations and include the final head count if needed.
3.  Create a back up plan. What do you do if the strippers don't show, etc.
4.  Purchase any supplies needed for the bachelor party. The supplies could include gag gifts, movies, alcohol, cigars, food, or playing cards.
1 or 2 Days Before The Bachelor Party
1.  Call and remind everyone when to show up for the party.
2.  Make a visit to the bank and get plenty of $1's and $5's.
3.  Put together a list of emergency numbers such as a cab service, backup strippers, and a bail bond company!
4.  Make sure you have everything you need for the bachelor party such as supplies, booze, etc.
The Day of The Bachelor Party
1.  Arrive at the party location ahead of time.
2.  Collect money from guests as they arrive. Remember, as the best man it is not your responsibility to pay for the whole party.
3.  Have the guest list handy and call any no shows.
4.  Remember, tonight you are your buddy's wingman. You've got to have his back all night!
5.  Have fun!
The Day After The Bachelor Party
1.  Sleep in.
2.  When the bachelor wakes up, make sure he remembers his fiancee's name!
3.  Get him to the wedding on time!
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