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Erotic Art By Ting Hua Liu

By: The Naughtynightlife Staff

Popularized by the Ancient Greeks more than two thousand years ago, erotic sculptures remain a popular form of artwork. If you are looking for an erotic sculpture for your home or business you should look into the work of Ting Hua Liu. His sculptures are bold and unique with a strong attention paid to the smallest of details. The various pieces in his collection are powerful in nature, yet not overstated or overbearing in size. Each piece has a very modern and seductive feel while maintaining the classical elements of Greek sculpture.

Ting's creations capture the essence of both the male and female form in erotic poses that are unmatched by any other erotic artist today. He fully embraces and expresses his passion for the human body through his artwork. His sculptures are skillfully hand crafted in clay, his current medium of choice, and range from sensual to boldly graphic in nature.

His gallery of erotic sculptures covers a wide variety of sexual topics including the male body, the female body, phallic symbolism, masturbation, intercourse, lesbian sex, transgender, mythical creatures, and abstract forms. Some of his pieces are so bold they are beyond categorization. One of the pieces that immediately caught my eye was the Erotica Skull Phallic Sculpture featuring a skull base morphing into an erect penis. The artistic curves, elongated features and rigid lines come to life in this erotically dark piece.

I had the pleasure of receiving two sculptures from Ting's collection and have them proudly displayed them in my office. They have become the focal point of the room and have caught the attention of everyone who has entered almost immediately. The reaction is always the same, amazement and envy. Whether you are looking to add a piece to your existing collection or starting a new one, Ting's sculptures will certainly be the cornerstone of your collection.

A Statement By The Artist

Sculpting is a passion of mine ever since childhood. It has provided me with an avenue of expression from my heart and mind. The medium of choice that I have chosen is water base clay. I have chosen it because of the softness of texture and the flexibility of its nature to express forms.

Based in Hawaii, Ting is a current member of the Association of Erotic Artists of the U.K., and his sculptures have been displayed internationally.

You can browse and purchase the artist's collection of erotic sculptures on his website at:

For further information, contact the artist directly by email at:

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Erotica Pan Satyr
Erotica Skull Phallic
Erotica Pan Satyr Sculpture
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